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Introducing the justGO Southern African Family Protector

If you’re a breadwinner working in South Africa to support your family in South Africa or in another African country, the justGO Southern African Family Protector is ideal for you. What makes this product unique, is that it is designed to meet the needs of both South Africans and non-South Africans, with a wide range of exclusive benefits that go way beyond just funeral cover. Monthly discount grocery coupons, accidental hospitalisation access, emergency ambulance service and travel assistance to loved ones at a time of death, are just a few of the exciting benefits included in this product. Explore the benefits below and sign up to ensure you and your family are covered, no matter where you are from.

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Included benefits:

Mourners transport

for up to 12 people

R3,000 travel voucher

Reduce costs of travel arrangements

35 grocery discount coupons to the value of R250

Redeemable monthly
Reduces monthly grocery costs

Hospitalisation cover as a result of an accident

R1,000 per day
Reduces costs due to hospitalisation

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Enjoy benefits like:

  • Single or Family funeral cover up to R30 000 (from 8 - 6 children)
  • Extended family funeral cover up to R10,000 (with the option to add parents and extended family)
  • Repatriation included within South Africa
  • Optional repatriation benefit outside of South Africa (SADC regions)
  • Mourners transport for up to 12 people to attend the funeral
  • R500 airtime paid immediately
  • Premiums payable in cash or via debit order

Family assistance (24 hours per day) includes the following:

Telephonic legal advice and legal assistance
Ambulance (emergency evacuation) to the nearest medical facility
Emergency medical advice
HIV and trauma counselling for the family
Group options are also available for employers/church groups/funeral parlours/burial societies